Political Correctness as the Left’s Word of God

After the Charleston shootings, the Left has engaged in a concerted political correctness attack on symbols of the Confederacy and early American history in general.  The attack began with the Confederate Flag being flown on the South Carolina capital grounds.  Amazon and EBay quickly followed suit, banning the sale of any items showing the Confederate Flag.  New York Post movie critic, Lou Lumenick, suggested that the movie Gone With the Wind should be banned and confined to museum showings.  Some people have called for the Jefferson Memorial to be demolished and schools named after Confederate war generals to be renamed.  It is a broad brushed attack to ban anything related to the Confederacy as not being politically correct.

The logic of the assault appears to be that the Confederacy consisted of slave states, the Confederate Flag represented the Confederacy and thus slavery, and, therefore, any depiction of the Confederate Flag suggests that the person displaying the flag approves of slavery.  In turn, another person viewing the flag-adorned article may become offended that the flag-bearing person perhaps approves of slavery.  Thus, to save the other person from becoming offended, the flag-bearing person must not have such a flag to bear. No flag, no offended people.  The logic draws itself out when applied to non-Flag artifacts like the Jefferson Memorial and school names, but the end result is the same.  Whatever it is must be banned so as not to offend the hypothetical other person.

The Islamic State, commonly known as ISIS, also bans things that it considers “haram,” which means “sinful.”  For example, ISIS has banned jeans that are too tight (skinny jeans), cigarettes, and cell phones with music saved within.  ISIS imprisons and reeducates people that do not comply.

Although I have not read an account of ISIS’s logic, it seems easy to fathom.  The logic appears to be that ISIS’s prophet has set forth laws of conduct and anyone that violates those laws offends said prophet.  These items and actions (skinny jeans, music on cell-phones) must be banned so as not to offend said prophet.

This comparison between the bans of ISIS and the Left allows for the conclusion that the Left views political correctness and the easily offended hypothetical other person the same way that ISIS views haram and its prophet.  In other words, the Left has transformed their beliefs into a religion with political correctness as the word of God and a hypothetical offended other person as a deity.  And, no, I am not saying that the Left is ISIS, and I am not saying that the Left is beheading people to enforce its political correctness word of God.  What I am saying is that ISIS and the Left share the same logic to ban things.


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